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hi i'm kat cosley. next on deals: affordable bedroom make-overs. the don'ts.
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it's a little overpowering. and the do's. this is why i always pull the bedding back. less expensive alternatives to wrinkle-fighting treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels. is it just old or actually worth something? anything before 1950 that has a name on it can bring good luck. expert advice on recognizing which everyday items bring in the big bucks. thinking about driving green? what you should know before you buy. plus, apps that save you money. livewell for less with deals, starting right now. the bedroom is your escape. after days of work this is where you retire to. and you have to like the way that it looks and the way that it feels. give your bedroom a complete makeover just by changing a few things. you may be surprised just how easy and affordable it is.
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this will give it a completely different look. designer angela lee is actually in the process of re-doing this clients room. we've already done great floors, and great paint but now it's tie to transform the bed. even if they decide to leave this bedding i would add in just a little bit more color just to make it stand out a little bit more and give it more of an elegant feel. these are the pillows that...the shams that came with the comforter. and you always put those up against the larger pillows that are at the back. this is just one of your standard pillows that come along with the sheets. and i place that in the center just to balance it out just a little bit. and then of course i added in this fun pillow that has feathers and it's the chocolate that's pulled back in. she finishes the look with a faux fur throw at the bottom of the bed. the scale of the lamps are too small for this particular bed. but i always say look at that and then that's when those are just ways that you can immediately update your bedroom. and what a difference from this to this.
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just by adding a few inexpensive accessories. a floral on it. now if you want to change the comforter angela says those beds in a bag are a great affordable way to do it. now how much does something like those pillows cost? these pillows actually the sham is what you would purchase. you would purchase a euro sham and they vary. they can vary from 50 dollars and up. you can even add in another fun pillow instead of that one, just to add another punch of color. and the key that keeps it from looking so ready made is just to keep this back. just a little bit more so you just see a hint. you have your reds, your golds, and of course you have your choclates. which add really enhances this bed. this particular comforter set is 200 dollars on sale. it was half off. the bed comes with nine pieces. but angela says if you really want to get that designer look you should never use them all at once. when most people make their bed they usually pull the comforter set all
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the way up to the end of the bed. it's a little over powering. adding your own pillows also helps give that custom look and compared to what we started with this definitely changes the look of the room. now we go from casual to a little more formal. with a little more luxurious. the material is more of a setting that gives you the illusion of silk. you have the back pillows that look like silk. these are like a faux. and then we added in the velvet chocolate pillow. it looks a lot more expensive than the other ones. it does but the price point is great. it was on sale for 175. it was originally 350 dollars. again angela only uses a few of the pillows including a set and mixes some ready made pillows to give the comforter a unique look. remember what we started with. so you say this is an example of what not to do? this look is mainly for your single male or your single female. just a really fun look. not for, i wouldn't recommend this with this type of bed.
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you need something that adds just a little more luxury. more of a luxury look to the room. and while you're out there choosing a comforter; angela says don't forget about the sheets. but make an investment in quality bedding is important. all the way down from the comforter to the sheets. when i purchase sheets for my clients i never purchase below 800. we'll post these looks on our website and just type in bedroom makeover. it's pretty helpful. sheila quier loves using her smart phone for the apps but finding one that will save her time and money can be hit or miss. for me it's like even when you go to the market place to try to pick a new app it becomes overwhelming and even reading the reviews. sometimes i download stuff and i'm like this is junk. with more than a million smart phone apps it can be pretty tough to find one that really works. so today we're giving you our top five money saving apps that have been tested by the experts.
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so yeah there's a lot of different apps that help you save time and money. you put them on your smart phone so when you're out shopping you can get a lot of great deals. one of her top picks is an app called gas buddy. it uses the gps location on your smart phone to find the cheapest gas in your area. gas prices as high as they are nowadays this will definitely be helpful. the app is updated by its users. so the reliability of the information depends on how frequently it's updated. we found gas prices to be current most updated in the morning and some within minutes. for those who want to be financially organized experts like an app called page ones. you can pay bills, see your account balances, track your bills, and payments all in one place. definitely can save you time and money when you're on the go. another smart phone app that has great reviews iallowance. this is for parents looking for an easy way to track their childrens allowance, rewards or chores. it also helps kids learn about budgeting. the next money saving app the experts like is called shop savvy.
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it's a price comparing app that instantly gives you options locally or online by scanning the barcode of any products and finally for those who need help staying on budget at the grocery store an app called food on the table. creates a list of grocery items you need based on a recipe the app provides. that way you don't have to have a printed list you literally could just use your phone and then as you click the icon it moves off your list, and it saves. for more information on these apps go to our website and click on deals. still to come some of these coins because of the date on them could be worth more than the actual gold. your old stuff could be worth a fortune. treasure hunters roadshow experts tell us what to look for. but next budget wrinkle fighters when deals returns. ij:ó:ózo
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finding the signs of aging on a budget. you don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. and so a lot of people think oh i have to go in and get a chemical peel to get any kind of results. but really if you're on a budget and you're trying to save money daily or near daily use of over the counter products can just as good. getting a microdermabrasion or chemical peel at the doctors office can remove dead skin cells, fight wrinkles and keep your skin looking young and fresh. but doctor melissa bogle says a lot of what she does in her office can be done at home with items from the drug store. it's the same ingredients it's just lower concentrations but i tell people slow and steady wins the race and we can get where we're going it'll just take us longer and we'll use it on a regular basis. one of the most popular doctor office peels glycolic acid.
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now there's versions you can also buy. aqua glycolic facial cleanser and enhanced cream glycolic. you can get quite high concentrations ten and twelve percent. so if you think about a chemical peel might be thirty percent you really getting almost half that strength that something over the counter. so you can use that couple of times a week or nightly if tolerated and really speed up our renewal process. glycolic acids are mild acids. and what they do is they dissolve the glue that hold ourselves together and let the cells exfoliate off. products like neutrogena acne wash and neutrogena clear pore toner contains salicylic acid to fight acne. and it also helps fight wrinkles. anyone can use them and they tend to be slightly less irritating then using glycolic acids. so i think they're great for anyone with acne or anyone with sensitive skin. the place to find these is in the acne aisle. so you can either use a wash or a toner or sometimes a leave-on with these ingredients and do quite well.
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salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid. a beta hydroxy acid's tend to be a little bit better for getting down in the oil glands and not the reason we see them a lot of times in acne products or products for oily skin. prescription retin a is also used to treat acne and there's versions anyone can buy. rock and fortebella. over the counter we can find a product very similar to retin a called retinol. and that can accomplish much of the same benefits and it can be a little bit gentler. we don't realize all its other benefits but it can really help us with scars, with wrinkles, with brown spots. doctor bogle says products with retinol increases skin cell priduction. basically taking off the top layer of your skin. for example if you flip over a product and you see retinal in the middle of the list or towards the top you know it's probably a higher concentration. if you see it listed last you know it's probably a lower concentration and it doesn't mean that the product's bad. one of doctor bogle's favorite products contains lactic acid.
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and i feel like it's an unknown little jewel. so if you look at studies using over the counter strengths of lactic acid which is about 12% over almost a year of using. you thicken up your skin by about 15-17 percent. lactic acid is also great for mature skin because it hydrating properties. can use it on your body or your face. the items to look for with lactic acid are amlactin, and lac hydrin. and whenever you choose a scrub product to exfoliate the brand doesn't really matter. doctor bogle says just look at the texture. you can do exfoliation at home as well. the important thing to remember is that you want to look for a really fine grain in your exfolitating products. a lot of us go towards products that feel gritty or you feel pits thinking oh because i feel this scrubbing it must be working. but what happens is when you use that on delicate skin such as the face or chest
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it can cause microtears in the skin so sometimes we're doing more harm than good. whatever you decide to try out; doctor bogle warns using over the counter products mean you will have to be a little more patient. since i see this all the time where someone will buy a skin cream and use it for a couple of weeks, not see a huge amount of changes and then they'll disgard it thinking it's not good or it's not doing something for them. but we don't have to see fast changes so what you want to think of is using this long term basis and just incorporating this as part of your regime. for a complete list of products recommended by doctor bogle go to and click on deals. still ahead, people have this stuff just laying around and don't know what to do with it and that's why we're here. tips from the treasure hunters roadshow experts for knowning treasures from old trash when deals returns.
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the statue i bought at auction probably about 2 years ago. and i've been looking on the internet trying to find who it is and if it's worth anything. they're probably 200 year old. they're from my grandmother. you're supposed to do it like this. wow. it says 18. from old view masters and statues, paintings and toys. maybe they were like kewpies, i'm not sure.
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they're old and we don't know anything about them. even weapons. dozens of people crowded this hotel conference room, some waiting 3 hours or more, just for a chance to sit down in front of these expert. first we're going to look to see if they are...we're going to...we buy all kinds of paintings, old dolls, old pocket watches, we do buy a lot of old guitars. gibson, martin. we have paid 100,000 dollars for a les paul guitar that was autographed by les paul. they are part of the treasure hunters roadshow. this picture here we bought. we paid 1200 dollars for it and it can probably auction for 1500, and 2,000 dollars. the john j kennedy light bill from 1959 paid a 1,000 dollars for that. we may not buy everything but we want to see everything because you just never know. what about this one that says this could be something?
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a lot of the older advertisements people collect it. i'm going to take this picture and i'm going to send it to my research department and they're going to look to see if they got anybody that's in the market for it and if they do then they're going to come back and they're going to give her a price for it. sitting around collecting dust. i came yesterday and just brought in a few small items because i didn't know just how it was and i didn't want to bring in a whole bunch f stuff like i did today. sandra stimbert netted a 158 bucks and came back for round two. brought two old clocks, but a lot of the coins we have collected through the years. field buyers sonya hands starts by sorting through items that could be treasures. i'm going to separate these because this right here is fine silver and you get paid more for that. from those not so valuable. these right here are copies, these are not the real coins. she says something a lot of people collect that's guaranteed money gold and silver.
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when it comes to antiques and stuff you have people that collect certain things. you got baseball cards everybody knows they collect those and you have sports memorabilia and all that. the items i look for are those that you don't see many of. it's an original button they had to make some more supposedly worth more if they had that original button. a lot of people they think because it's old that it's worth a whole lot of money. but it's not how old it is it's how rare it is. we do see a lot of the old cameras. brown cameras. everybody's got one. i'll probably see a dozen a week. the old irons used to put on the stove, they're old, they're antique. everybody had one. so there's just some things they're not usually collectables. so they're just not worth a lot of money. but items you could cash in on include old advertisements. any of the beer, coca cola, pepsi, old gas stations, that kind of stuff.
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vintage toys are great. anything you know that's made of the cast iron guitars. really good. collectors they like the instruments that sounded better back in the day then they do today. your total comes to 1,409.86 cents and in sandras case it seems the second time's the charm. high five. that's my favorite part of the job. the economy today; the way it is there are a lot of people that are unemployed and that's the great thing about us. we get to give them money. and they have this stuff and it's sitting around and they don't realize that it's worth money. for more on treasure hunters roadshow go to and click on deals. if you love shoes you might consider a new trend taking fashionistas by storm. i'm talking about these online shoe clubs. they offer the latest in shoe and boot styles without the designer prices.
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just fabulous is a monthly free membership program that gets you access to celebrities stylist as well as the hottest shoes and handbags. all items are 39.95 each. even a pair of boots whether it's a flat, it's a pair of boots. as far as the handbags go whether it's a clutch or a large bags that i see in stores for 60, 70, 80 dollars all 39.95. plus it's no tax or shipping charges even for returns or exchanges. is another club that works the same way. it's also a monthly free membership club that offers the latest in shoe, handbags and jewelry fashion sent directly to your inbox. the online retailer offers two pairs of shoes for 29.95. their motto aid-less style with a dealless price. at shoedazzle or you have to sign up to get started and take a personality quiz.
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that way the online retailer can determine your style. you can choose to purchase an item in your monthly boutique or if nothing strikes your fancy you're not obligated to buy anything. you can skip the month as many times you want until you find something you love. you can just click skip the month. if you skip the month you're not charged at all. no penalties, no fee, no nothing. one thing to keep in mind with these clubs if you don't want to purchase a shoe you must sign in and request to skip the month otherwise you will be billed for the month and ut's used as a credit for your purchase. for more on this story go to our website and click on deals.
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from electric to hybrid, trucks or mini cars; there are a lot of options when it comes to your ride. all these vehicles promised to save money on your gas bill but how do
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you know which is best for you? we've got the green car 411. i would definatley spend a little bit more money up front if it's going to help me in the long run. i mean gas isn't getting any cheaper. keep in mind most green cars will cost you a little more than a traditional vehicle. i think that it's worth the investment. and if you can save 20, 30, 40 bucks here and there that's money that you can put towards groceries. the most popular green vehicle out right now the hybrid. that's the step up from a traditional engine. it's got battery and charge the battery by regenerative breakage. when you find the breaks the heat energy charges the battery. no plugs. it's just a conventional vehicle. you'll start out launching it and all electric motors. when you turn the car on it doesn't make a noise.
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then it'll go as you get up to i think it's around 40 or 45 miles an hour it'll go then to traditional gas mileage. i can't believe how quiet the engine is when you start this car up. it drives nice. it drives just like a regular car. but there are other types of hybrids on the market that you can plug in to charge. you get a bigger battery, more powerful battery, you have more of the driving is on electric ev mode. the only thing i knew about the hybrid car was that it was going to save me money on gas. that it was going to give me more bang for the buck. and it has done that and much more than i ever expected. and then there's the full electric car. there's no gas it's all a huge battery that's charged when plugged in the wall and zero emissions. there's limitations obviously when you get to that level vehicle as far as how many miles you can drive on a charge.
2:28 pm
with most electric vehicles you'll get about 100 miles per full charge. charging an electric vehicle cost about two dollars for a fully charged. so it's going to be potentially cheaper for operating cost. and it's getting easier to charge your green vehicle. charging stations like this one in the grocery store parking lot are popping up all over the place. now for those who really love their trucks and suvs several auto makers have what's called flex fuel vehicles. traditional engine specifically made to reduce fuel usage. for about 20% improvement and fuel economy the same performance as a v-8 but in a v-6 engine. so you get much better fuel economy, great performance, people love them, they're flying off the lots. it seems like the whole world moving towards as green movement. it kind of gives everybody the choice. so there's something for everybody. for more information go to our website and type in green vehicles.
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that'll do it for this edition of deals what's your deal? send your money saving ideas to us on our facebook page. you can look us up under deals tv. until next time, i'm kat cosley. thanks so much for joining us.
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up next on mirror mirror, from the drug store to the deparment store, here is the new product hitting the shelves that promises
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complexion perfection. youre getting coverage, youre getting spf, and treatment benefits. why so many women and men are adding beauty balm creams to their skin care arsenals. if i can do it, so can you. dazzling retro rolled up hair styles. i've lost two inches in my waist. ive been doing it for just two days. shake up your exercise routine with this ten minute state of the art workout. i feel things shaking that i didn't know could shake. plus extending your wardrobe for less by peeking inside your teen daughter's closet. our age appropriate tips, transform that peak into a fashion eye opener. i'm rebecca spera that and more coming up right i'm rebecca spera that and more coming up right now on mirror mirror. ♪ you may not believe it but i'm going to go
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workout just like this. because this one the go workout only takes ten minutes. fitness studio owners stacy crumplet and gail hightower had different goals when they started using an osilating machine. didn't hae any time for myself to workout, got on this machine and loved it. saw results and energy level. for gail a breast cancer survivor her lyphodemal made exercising a challenge. as a last resort she turned to the oscillating machine. i gained muscles which i couldn't gain before. my sister was coming by my house everyday. she lost four sizes. and i just thought how can you not offer this to everyone. with that their business was born. the equiptment is a whole body machine. it's a platform. its an fda approved device in canada and the us.
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some like evon and peter come from exercise and weight loss. ive lost 8 pounds in three weeks. i managed to get my jeans on. i've lost two inches in my waist and in other significant places. many like isabel and patsy come for other healthy reason. a year ago i was diagnosed with ostiopania in one hip. at the time my mother passed away she had terrible osteoporosis and i did not want that to happen to me. so i'm really coming for the bone density, toning, the feeling good. both women on a quest for health had an added bonus. i put on these pants this morning that i haven't worn since last summer and didn't realize that theyre baggy. my body is morphing a little bit, looking better. with this news i have to step up to the plate.
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alright lets rock and roll. ready to shake it. i'll tell you i feel things shaking that i didn't know could possibly shake. i knew my booty, but i feel my back, stomach and my arms. i can feel everything shaking. but the good thing is severyone else is shaking too. doesn't matter, not just me this time. this machine will equal 4000 muscle contractions. up to 10000 muscle contractions. you get 4-6000 mucsle contractions in an hour workout in the gym. we want ot hit that so we start moving. ive got ten minutes to get this done. any body condition can workout on these machines and get a full body workout. down two three four five. we have squat routines to work your thighs.
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we give them weights and they can do upper body as well. i get to sit down for this one. even abs. stick out lets straight out, cross our ankles. if it doesn't look tough it is tough. alright take the machine speed up to forty. high speeds help improve circulation. if my blood is not circulating right now then i'm cold blooded cause i'm shaking so much right now. you increase circulation you circulate the blood, and lymphatic drainage. that the energy boost. circulation increase, increase oxygen flowing through your body and that's what makes you feel better. when you feel better youre making better and healthier choices. i would recommend it to anybody who is lazy and wants to have a minimum amount of time. doesn't want their hair messed up. doesn't want to have their
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makeup pouring off their face and can come in in any type of clothing. its really ten minutes a day. you can't beat it. for more on this ten minute workout go to still ahead on mirror mirror: the beauty products known as the secret of korean actresses is now flying off the shelves here in american. but next, transforming teen trends into age appropriate looks for fashion forward moms. stay with us.
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when you walk through the juniors department you see these wild and crazy items but of course are great for teens sometimes moms try to pull it off and it doesn't look good.
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so here are trends that work for both daughter and mom. teen stylist erica worzel says no matter your age wearing a trend is all about the right interpretation. starting with the season first must have colors that glow. neons are bright for spring and teens can go all out for this trend. when youre a teen you can get away with a neon shirt, tank top, jeans and flip flops. and you can wear them all together in this color block look. mom want to keep the neon to a minimum, like a pop with belt or shoes. skinny jeans have been in style for a really long time but its about how you wear them. teens can do anything you want like a printed skinny jean. ive paired this jean with a bold printed top. the reason you can pair these prints together because the black holds it together. and a subdued print.
2:40 pm
i definitely would not suggest our moms wearing this trend. instead moms keep your skinny jeans classic with a dark wash denim. most want to cover a little bit so this mid thigh tunic. but sheer. the over size trend is big with spring. i paired mine with bright skinnies and something off the shoulder. for women over forty can kind of make your look dowdy. so show you figure with a woven belt. this with boyfriend jeans and wedges and she is ready to go. everyone wants a go to pair of sneakers. teens can pretty much get away with anything, but i love a classic black converse. it goes with neutrals nd bright colors. for women over forty a neutral. metallics are in.
2:41 pm
i paired this with a tshirt and white jeans and she is ready to go run errands. pastels are huge this season and we gave this all over pastel look a little edge with a leather vest and a dark floral printed wedge. this works because the dress is a large print and the wedge is a small print but still has the same peach and pink colors as the dress. women over forty you too can wear pastels. but they wash you out sometimes. but pair them with a neutral. this lace blazer with a navy tank and white jeans. all that glitters is gold when you're a teen. you can never have too much sparkle. have fun with it. a shimmery dress with sequened bolero. but moms and women over forty keep sparkle to a minimum.
2:42 pm
try a little on your top or a shimmer on your handbag. the same goes for makeup. sparkle makeup is really great but remember sparkly makeup can be a lot. for teens you can get away with a lot of glitter in your makeup but i suggest the magic number is three. stick to three types of sparkle, no more. for women over forty i wouls sparkle can enhance wrinkles around the eyese. go for a matte or sheen on the eyes. go for a matte or sheen on the eyes. and chose sparkle in lip products. one i must try is white eye liner. for teens you can get away with having fun with white eye liner. a great look is a dark brown or black eye liner and do cat eyes. then white eye liner and apply above the cat eye.
2:43 pm
this makes it pop and gives high fashion. for moms and women over forty you may not want to try. but try white in the water line to brighten your eyes. apply in the water line and smudge. and when it comes to hair. anyone can wear ponytail if you're a teen or a woman over forty its just how you wear it. teens you can wear it messy and fun but make sure you don't look like you just got off the track. forty you want volume and sleek. teens can pull off just about any trend but moms and women over forty take a back a knotch and keep it age appropriate. for more go to coming up promising flawless skin in one week. this cream is flying off the shelf. find out what the excitement is about when mirror mirror returns.
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there is a product hitting shelves that promises flawless skin in one step. here is why bb cream might be yoru best shot at complextion profection. there is this hot new trend and its has a cute little name and its called a bb cream.
2:47 pm
there is this hot new trend and its has a cute little name and its called a bb cream. which stands for beauty balm. in most cases, i like to think of it as makeup but better. holly crawford says its sort like super charged tinted moisturizer. you're getting makeup, coverage, spf, which is huge everybody should be wearing spf everyday even if its raining. and treatment benefits and hydration. it's the perfect skin cocktail in one step. and the beauty of these balms is the shades are limited. three maybe four shades. so even matching is easy. but where did this miracle cream actually come from. like a lot of beauty trends this came from asia. it started in korea and moved from there and now it has exploded, and slowly cosmetic brands are rolling out these creams. one of them is brand new from smash box its 39
2:48 pm
dollars and the beauty is it comes in five shades. so people who are harder to match or think they have a problem they have more options. to apply these creams start in the center of your face and blend outward with brush, sponge or you fingers. one of the beauties is it is packed with sun screen. like double what you get in most foundations. for example with this she just wants to slap this on, run out the door for the weekend go to brunch have fun. this is it. clinique has another good one and that one is 37 dollars and the nice thing about that one is its so light and hydrating that you can almot use it as a primer. if you want more coverage you can layer the foundation over it, but if you're active and want to go hiking or skiing or go to the beach
2:49 pm
you can just use that. so one of my all time favorites is by estee lauder. the beauty cream is 38 dollars at macys. and the cool thing is it has a cucumber scent. so perks you up makes you look forward to the morning. it has oil control, if you have combination skin its perfect for you. for the most natural look with coverage use bronzer, mascara and youre good. and if youre looking for something at a lower price point garne has a great one that runs ten to fifteen dollars depending on where you get it, the cool thing is it has vitamin c which is so good, and mineral pigment. so mineral with the benefit of a bb cream. the anti oxidants, anti inflammatory, and active
2:50 pm
ingredients that are doing something for your skin and working while they're covering. one good thing is its not only for women. one for men just came out its 38.50 and if you want to get your guy to wear sun screen or as a man you want a little coverage this is the ticket. its got everything you want. its one shade so no tricky matching going on. and ten benefits in one tube. if youre a busy gal or guy on the go you might want to give bb cream a shot. for more log onto up next: my hair is short so i need to brush it so my hair stays right? yeah. simple steps to a perfect roll up when mirror mirror returns.
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so do you want a hair do like mine? guess what? i did it all by myself.
2:53 pm
because the hottest trend right now is rolling your hair and you can do it too, if you just roll with it. rolled hair is a kick back to the 1940s last few shoots i've done i've done it, and you can see it in the campaign houses as well. salon owner david banford says pulling off the rolled look is easy to do at home. the key is teasing and smoothing the hair to give it added texture. what we're going to do now is a 40s inspsired like a rocker girl but with a big pompador bang and easily with one bobby pin and a brush. one of the most important steps to get this look right is you must find the highest point on the head. the comb, place it on the head to loate the spot. here. from this point i'm going to go down to the recession area. where it starts here. for a nice clean section.
2:54 pm
next a boar bristle brush to tease the hair. lightly you don't want to create big knots through the hair. lightly smooth out the hair by brushing it. grab the hair. wrap it around the fingers, roll backwards and secure it with a pin. this look i think is prettier just by leaving it soft and wavy. take this tyle up a knotch. grab a section from the top of the head to behind the ear. tease and smooth. the next step is twist it back and pin it into place. final step is hair spray and then you have your 1940s sexy movie star look. take this look into an updo. first create the same twist to the other side. next back brush all the left over hair and smooth. i'm now going to start and roll all the way backwards towards the other ear.
2:55 pm
next step once you've twisted it t the opposite side of the head is brush and secure with a rubber band. tease the pony tail. one important thing at the end is really surface brush. you don't want to take out all the brush, backbrushing you just put into it. when youre doing this at home it will make it easier that once you brush it out secure it with rubber bands. then grab the rubber band at the end, roll the hair under until it meets the other rubber band. and secure it. tada. 3 '40s pin up inspired syles to keep you rolling along all season long. now we're going to give elizabeth bangs who doesn't have bangs. and a soft wavy look. first step to create the bang is locate the highest point again. the comb on the head.
2:56 pm
find it, its right here and back to both recession areas on either side of the head. i'm just going to clip this section out of the way. now make pigtails that start at the cheek bones. the reason we're using scrunchy brands is one section is easy to work with and we want the texture band to create a bend in the hair. add the wave clips, heat, cool, remove, and comb the hair with a carbon comb. carbon combs won't cause frizz. the reason her waves look so pretty is they start at the cheek bone. that's optimum. it makes someone so much prettier. next i'm going ot release this area to create th rounded forties looking bang. first blowdry the bangs toward the face. i'm going to go ahead and back brush it, i'm not going to lift or elevate this too much. we want bumps in
2:57 pm
the top of he head. the next step is catch the ends and roll them up under the head and secure under with a couple bobby pins. just like that it was easy to create these bangs, and the overall look is like bettie page. alright david i want you to prove it can be done at home, so i'm going to do it myself. what the first step. first separate your hair in three secions. first is the otp of the head to the temples. clip out of the way. next from the crown to both ears and clip. i'm proud of myself. next get a brush back brush, quite heavily. my hair is short so i really need to back brush it so my hair stays right. we want to show you we can get short hair into a long hair look. hair spray, brush, twist the hair to the crown and pin.
2:58 pm
next release the section at the crown. back brush one side and smooth. twist the hair away from the face, up the the crown and pin. repeat on the other side. rolling, rolling. rolling like my own hair dresser. okay now. unclip the front, tease, and smooth. seriously i could have a job here. see this work? its good. roll the section around the hand. twist the end of a base for the pin and secure. kind of looks cute. move the pieces of hair around on top to cover the pins and finished. alright teacher how did i do? you did it good actually. nice and smooth and the shapes are cute. see i rolled iwht it and got an a plus. for more on how you can roll with it too, go to
2:59 pm that does it for this edition of mirror mirror. and don't forget we want to be your facebook friend. and search mirror mirror tv.
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